Life is challenging indeed. And People try hard for survival. Whenever we see around, we find people including the elderly that show a self-dependent behavior at its best. They try not to take any type of financial help from their own children. They totally depend on their own.  Because their works are their ultimate life partner. Nobody is their entertainer, no one gives time to them, even their own children. I thought of exploring such people, of course along with my camera!

She was an old lady who is not among us anymore. Her name was Ajjo who was a dynamic personality. Her children lived in Delhi but she used to live in Aligarh and ran a small wafers stall in the campus of Abdullah College for women. Girls used to call her Nani. She was specialized in making spicy Tamarind Chat . She worked here for more than 24 years, until the day she died.  Chilly winter, scorching summer, heavy rain, be whatever, she never broke her punctuality. She was extremely enthusiastic  towards her work. I enjoyed a good rapport with her since my childhood . Sometimes she used to share her amazing stories with me. Unfortunately, I was not present in Aligarh, when she left this world for her heavenly abode. I only have a single picture of her to share with you. However, memories do last a lifetime. I will always salute her for her positive outlook towards life, courage, and passion towards her work.

May her soul rest in peace. Amen!


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  1. Amazing stills bro! Every work of yours is a story in itself. There seems so much to express in your shooting prowess! A born artist with an eye for compassion. You make life around us all the more beautiful! Keep it up! God bless!

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